Bendigo iPhones provides 90 days warranty on all repairs!

At Bendigo iPhones on Lyttleton Terrace, we fix your iPhones, iPads, iPods, devices and all models of Samsung Galaxy, HTC with high quality parts and a full 90 days warranty.


Experienced repair and replacement service.

We fix screens, buttons, cameras, microphones, speakers, ports, jacks and other odd parts.

 Why Bendigo iPhones?

90 days warranty

High quality parts

Quick turn around


We can repair your iPad Screen. Here you can get your iPad screen repaired with the best quality original Gorilla Glass (the same glass that your iPad was manufactured with) or for a lesser cost you can choose our specially selected superior grade after market glass. Bendigo iPhones can also repair the home button of your iPad, if the home button on your iPad stops working and you are unable to use it properly, our experts will fix the problem. We also replace iPad batteries as well as their headphone jacks. Dock connector, volume button, mute button, power button, loud speaker and proximity sensor repairs and replacements are all possible here at Bendigo iPhones.
Are you still able to take that amazing selfie?
If the front camera of your iPad is not working properly and you’re not able to take selfies in your favorite dress/place etc, then just relax, as Bendigo iPhone is here for you to repair it. In the same way we also repair the back camera of iPads so you can capture the best moments of your life. Our experts can also clean and dry out iPads that have had water or liquid damage .


Bendigo iPhones

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